Fast Apps

API or website data driven desktop apps

Turn a web API or online data into a native desktop application in a short timeframe. Apps that only fetch data can be made quickly, and are available in as little as 48 hours for some projects.

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Web View Apps

Turn mobile websites into desktop apps

Create a standalone desktop application to leverage your existing mobile website. Simply provide a few of your parameters and style requirements. I'll then prepare your native desktop application and style it accordingly.

The live-update advantage of a web view

Web view apps provide a unique advantage for content creators. Users stay up to date with the most recent version of your app. To deliver the latest to your users, simply update your website.

Have more time? Let's fully flesh out your complete project!

Brand universally in one step

Some of the largest companies like Microsoft, Slack, Atlassian, and Github trust web-view apps to carry their brand consistently across the platforms they target. Brand your app the same on every platform by delivering a native web view app to each.